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I’ve been spotting see-through everywhere recently and would risk it to say that it is not even a trend anymore but is turning into a basic wardrobe item. Starting firstly as a shy look inspired by the clear vynil from the raincoats it quickly became a star material from ready-to-wear pieces to accessories and even shoes. Thanks to Chanel’s spring 2018 ready-to-wear show, which rocked jackets, hats, handbags and the so desired thigh and ankle boots, we’re all showing off a little more this season.

No news until now, however, this trend now bounces back in a more sophisticated approach and was easily spotted in the street styles shots from the latest fashion weeks across Milan, New York and Paris.


A curiosity about it, not only for its aesthetic appeal but for those interested in sustainability is that, while plastic fashion is still heavily tied up to the space age, the use of this material in synthetic fabrics might actually be the future of fashion as some companies are turning the plastic waste found in the ocean into yarn fabric. I just love when great minds have ideas like that!


Now, talking about shoes. The clear trend has been used before as a stylish trick to elongate the look of the limbs but instantly after rocking the runway shows it became a sensation on the red carpet and on the feet of many celebrities, like Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian.


Coming in funky varieties with all sorts of shapes, embellishments and styles the material gives freshness and lighten up the look turning any boring outfit into the next level, worth the Instagram post. Another style trick? Wear it with colorful socks! This trend, clearly, has been showing no sign of slowing down in the near future so if you are ready to ditch your old school full-coverage shoes, step on ahead into the clearness zone.

Text by Jessica Spier